Your DADDY wants to talk to you…

Do you wonder if God speaks to us? If he REALLY “speaks” to YOU!? YES HE DOES….listen with the ears of your heart as you READ GODS WORD! Ok…. now half of y’all just closed my post or scrolled on past!! 

I know…I know… “I’m too busy”. “I’m too tired”. “The Bible is boring!” “I don’t like to read!” All of these are excuses that I gave myself! My infamous one, “By the time I remember, I am in the bed and I am way too tired!” If you just said any of those things…. then…truth is…your not listening to Him anyway. Why would He talk to you? Is He not worth it to you?  

Do you not long for His help? Do you not cry out at times for His guidance and wonder where He is? It takes 5 min or less…. if you don’t have 5 minutes for the Creator of EVERYTHING, then you don’t deserve to hear HIM in the first place. (sorry, Not sorry) Pic up your Bible y’all! Or get a “Bible App” And LISTEN to your Holy Daddy in the small voice that rises up in your soul! He speaks life!
It’s so easy! It really is! And….WOW does it feel good to do it. Think of the things you “find time” to read and do. Try to find time this week to read just a few verses! Some how? Some way? After you have read just a few sentences see it, be still, wait, and listen….. for that small voice that rises up in you! Sweet “Reader of my blog”….you just met my friend Jesus!

Romans 10:18 – But I ask: Did they not hear? Of course they did: “Their voice has gone out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.” (we’re talking about the Bible here) 


4 thoughts on “Your DADDY wants to talk to you…

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  1. Girl, we all make excuses for all kinds of things but not one of them is worth reconsidering like reading the word of God. I’m no stranger to reasoning myself right out of what I SHOULD do or be doing!
    Thank you friend for the not so subtle reminder of to whom I belong and that He alone at least deserves the chance to speak to me. #BeingStill
    Much Love,


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