I deserve better!! Right?

Are we truly worthy? Should we go through life claiming that we are? That is a question that I ponder so very often. Of Corse by the blood of Jesus Christ we become worthy. But, we shouldn’t lose focus on the ONE who IS worthy and from whom we inherited our worthiness. And apart from HIM we are so NOT worthy. We live in such a ME, ME, ME society, that this reminder needs to hit home for a few of us! (myself included)

With that being said, often times we struggle with trials. “Why am I here?” Why does God see fit to put me in this horrible situation and not deliver me?” We feel as if we somehow deserve a better life. We deserve to be on top of the world! After all, “Look at all the great things I have done?”

We often want to do good things for the Lord. We want him to use us like a star athlete on the team. And at the end of the game we want to be lifted and hoisted above and carried around in praise, when it is the Lord who should be carried around in praise. And we should be ultimately invisible!!

I was listening to a sermon from the chapel at The College at Southeastern. And I can’t remember the name of the speaker, but he likened the Christian to a few small items that really aren’t that important to day to day successes at first glance.

Allow God to use you like chalk, a candle, or a paper napkin.

Chalk – to be rubbed up against a hard surface just to be wiped away after creating something beautiful.

A candle – to shine so bright and so beautifully, while at the same time decreasing to nothing. No one will remember the wax only the light.

A paper napkin – to go to the dirtiest of places to assist in cleaning up only to be discarded and thrown away as trash.

Pretty powerful stuff!!!

I am reminded of the life of a disciple. Peter, Andrew, James, Thomas, Matthew, as so on…. At the end of each of their lives they weren’t living in mansions and famous; having everyone rushing for an autograph. They were murdered… beaten… hated… some even crucified. Most of them, Dying horrific deaths. BUT…… they died with more joy and happiness than imaginable. There was joy in their suffering! There is proof that if you live a godly life you could be in the midst of some horrible junk but still be very happy and full of peace and joy.

Next time you start to wonder “Why am I here?” Why does God see fit to put me in this horrible situation and not deliver me?”. And when you wonder why you are not rewarded for the amazing sacrifices you make for the good of others, remember that there is joy and peace to be found in the suffering. It IS the reward you are so desperate to find!

Psalm 119:50  My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.


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